MESH WEB Design-Fassade
  • eye catcher for small and big facades
  • natural facade cooling effect
  • individually designed ranking plants system made out of stainless steel
  • efficient Irrigation System
  • flammability Class A1
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ORNA – vertical "Biophilic Design"
Green Urban Life
for a modern city planning and green building architecture
  • impressive 3D design element for large-scale greening
  • ornamentally structured - translucent
  • fiber reinforced hybrid recycled material 
  • xlarge cocoons made of stainless steel
  • 99,8% recyclable
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Soothing oases for relaxation and regeneration ...
Green-urban-life creates cooling climate zones in cities.
  • revitalization & upgrading of urban spaces
  • cooling shade and meeting point
  • works against "urban heat islands"
  • all year round green
  • self-sufficient system 
  • alternative where tree planting is not possible
  • many design options
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vertical garden
in office
indoor green
  • representative upgrading of the room
  • optimized indoor climate through vertical greening
  • improved working atmosphere and room acoustics 
  • pollution reduction, sound and noise protection
  • positive physical, cognitive & emotional effects
  • reduces cooling costs
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green-urban-life Dachbegrünung
blooming garden... retreat in cities...
our alternative on the roof...
  • easily retrofittable green roof
  • low static load
  • high degree of greening - little water consumption
  • can be easily combined with PV systems
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green-urban-life Schallschutz
  • balustrade greening in a lightweight version
  • stainless steel cocoons with different plant sizes
  • high degree of cooling
  • filters pollutants from the air and reduces dust 
  • serves as sound and noise protection
  • flammability class A1
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