Green Urban Life GmbH, with Headquarter in Hartberg, specializes in the development and implementation of sustainable technologies for architectures.

We, an interdisciplinary team of architecture, art, botany and technology plan and realize projects with green on and in buildings.

The founders and initiators, Johannes Leitner, artist, known for his innovations for green facades and Rauf Aliyev, multi- entrepreneur, known for many large architectural projects such as stadiums, metro stations, railway stations etc. (always with an expressive architecture) want to shape and form the future live in cities.

The sustainable products and technologies, such as: vertical greening systems, sky garden, water treatment, etc. and the associated know-how are successfully implemented together with our PRO partners worldwide in the project processes.

Green Urban Life´s role is to provide inspiration, knowledge, and products to all who will face the hyper-urbanization currently underway in our world.

  • 2010 Public Fast Forward Award (innovation award styrian economics ministerial & SFG)
  • 2012 PEPMAC Award